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October 23, 2012 in Necklaces

Take a walk on the wild side

Many fashionistas know that when it comes to jewelry trends, they truly change with the seasons. The latest to grow in popularity is animal-inspired jewels, and these statement accessories can really complete any outfit - and make any gal feel fierce.

However, ladies do not want to go over the top with this hip and adorable trend. When balanced correctly with a metallic clutch and trendy outfit, this look will certainly turn heads - and other girls will simply be green with envy.

Lions, tigers and bears... oh my!
It is no secret that animal prints are a staple when it comes to clothing and scarves. There are also animal prints in jewelry as well, but what's more is that there is rings, bracelets and necklaces that have an elephant's head or a lion in gold, silver or covered in gemstones. This unexpected look will certainly draw attention and complete an outfit in a way that a standard silver necklace simply cannot do.

Rings galore
Arguably the most popular way to rock animal-inspired styles is with a ring. These chunky and standout pieces of a person's favorite creature are mostly seen on an individual's' finger. This does not mean a fashionista can not enjoy their favorite animal on their necklace or bracelet, but it seems as though more rings with everything from frogs and turtles to cheetahs and elephants have been popping up.

The best part of this style is that it will not cost a fortune. In fact, fashionistas can take advantage of affordable jewelry such as the 14k Gold-Plated Multi-Crystal Gecko Lizard Stretch Ring Expandable Sizes. This amazing ring has shades of blue and pastels, and takes up half of a finger. This big and bold ring adds that extra something to any ensemble.

Another popular item is snake-inspired rings. These sleek creatures make for the perfect ring, as the gemstone-covered tail wraps around the finger. Rings such as the Tritone 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver Black Diamond Accent Pave Snake Ring are standout pieces that can be a big or as small as the individual wants. Some of these rings can travel up the majority of the finger or even intertwine between a few fingers, but either way, they look chic and fierce.

Don't forget color
A popular trend as of late has been the brighter and bolder the color, the better. This is a universal trend that has been a mainstay since the beginning of the year, and it has yet to fade. Not only are people rocking animal bracelets and rings, but they are doing so in bright hues. Gold and chunky pieces with multi-colored gemstones are pushing themselves into the spotlight, and these flashy jewels are hard to resist.

Combine with nature-inspired jewelry
One of the best things about animal jewelry is that it goes perfectly with another popular trend as of late - nature-inspired jewels. This is where a person can match their favorite animal with earthy colors for a hippie 1960's girl edge. Floral accents and leaf earrings and bracelets would go perfectly with a flashy lion ring. Not to mention, animal print bracelets fit the nature trend, and this can only add to a person's animal chic collection. Even though these animal jewels are statement pieces, it does not mean an individual can't jazz them up with some feather or leaf necklace, as this will really bring out any girl's wild side. 

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