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March 29, 2013 in Necklaces

Vanessa Hudgens starts prepping for Coachella early

Vanessa Hudgens has made it very clear how much she cherishes the annual Coachella festival in California. Claiming she'll return for it every year until she dies, the former Disney star seems to be right at home standing among throngs of people in Indio's desert grounds. Her free spirit and equally hippie style fit in perfectly with the rest of the laid-back, music-loving guests wearing flowing dresses, cutoff shorts, worn-in boots and flowers in their hair like the attendees of Woodstock.

Time to pull out the hippie gear
This year will be no different for Hudgens, and she's recently been spotted gearing up for the festival with loads of shopping bags in tow, presumably with an array of Coachella outfits to choose from. She shopped at Planet Blue, according to the Daily Mail, and picked out her fair share of maxi skirts with dramatic slits, lacy tops and more.

Even the ensemble she wore when seen shopping for the upcoming event was in the spirit of the festival, and perhaps revealed a taste of what she'll be sporting in the coming weeks for her favorite bands' shows. Her vintage-inspired floral dress looked like a one of a kind, paired with dangling chandelier earrings, beaded bracelets and a long chain necklace, a piece that is sure to be seen this year at Coachella.

Festival spirit abounds
Hudgens isn't the only celebrity to fully embrace the hippie festival attitude when the California event rolls around. Other fashionable stars like Kate Bosworth, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, Diane Kruger and Rachel Bilson have flaunted their carefree style, and most if not all seemed to love trying the stacked bracelets look in their own ensemble.

DIY style
Whether you're attending Coachella this year or will just be tuning in from home, you can certainly try your own take on the carefree style, as it coincides with the warmer weather that's just starting to set in. While some of the celebrities' looks are a little out there, others translate seamlessly into your everyday style. Layers of necklaces can dress up a casual ensemble, and you can create a really eclectic look by mixing it up with unique pendants and charms.

A cool way to start your collection can be with the Genuine Jade 14k Yellow Gold "Good Fortune" Elephant Pendant, which can double-function as a good luck charm. For those who can't get enough of the stacked bracelets look, a leather wrap is a great addition. The Round Turquoise-Color Genuine Chalcedony Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet is an ideal choice to add a pop of color to your look.

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