Watch trends to look for this season

Jan 03, 2013

Many ladies underestimate the importance of having a watch to complete their look, as this is a great way to tie together an ensemble. Plus, watches are on trend right now, and the bigger, the better continues to be a common theme in terms of watch sizes. Some timepieces, dubbed as "boyfriend watches" show off a massive dial, and are as popular as ever. Those who are not the type to wear such a big watch can still opt for the several other trends that are hot this season.

Stack them up
Layering necklaces and bracelets are very common this season, and this is true for watches as well. A great look is to stack a few favorite bracelets and add a watch into the mix. Not only will this be quite an eye-catching look, but it is very much on trend right now. Ladies can add as many as seven or eight bracelets to one wrist. So, layer those bracelets and have the watch be either the last thing on the wrist or in the middle.

The bigger, the better
When it comes to all costume jewelry, bigger is better. Whether it be massive chandelier earrings, a beautiful pendant necklace or a chunky boyfriend watch, going for the big styles will certainly not disappoint. Watches are also so varied in style as of late. For instance, retro and art deco watches are on trend along with sporty ones with geometric shapes. In some cases, watches aren't even on the wrist, but on a long pendant in various sizes.

Mix and add color
As much as the bigger, the better is in style in terms of accessories, the same goes for color. A watch can be the perfect place to incorporate both of these trends. Plus, ladies do not need to worry too much about matching. Bring together colors that are both bold, but go together such as purple and green. Individuals can either go for a bold-hued watch or a watch that is more neutral to calm or complement other bracelets in hot colors.

Leather and cuff watches
There is no lack of different watch styles as of late. Individuals can purchase everything from a leather strapped watch to one that looks like a cuff bracelet. A very popular style is wrap watches. These look like wrap bracelets, but there is a little interface included. This is great for those who want to push the envelope with the more arm candy, the better, as the watch will take up a great deal of space to start off.

Rock a watch with various metals
Mixing metals is one of the greatest trends as of last  as it allows individuals to wear tons of different metals including silver, gold and bronze jewelry all at once.The same goes for watches this season. In fact, it is better to mix metals, so on a wrist there could be everything from a bronze cuff, a silver charm bracelet and a few gold bangles - not to mention a classic watch to top off the look. One very popular metal as of late is rose gold. Shoppers can find this metal everywhere - either mixed in with traditional gold or silver, or simply on its own. The best part is that ladies do not have to break the bank to purchase a watch such as this. Shopping for costumes jewelry such as the Diamond Accent and Mother-Of-pearl Rose Gold-Plated Panther-Link Watch Adjustable is the perfect solution. 

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