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March 28, 2013 in Necklaces

Wear a chain necklace the right way

When you're in the mood to feel daring, sometimes all you need to do is add a little chunky, in-your-face jewelry to your attire to achieve the attitude you want. Many celebrities have donned the heavy, chain-necklace look, trying it with casual outfits like a tailored jacket and jeans, or opting for a more punk-rocker look with a fitted sheath or cutoff shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt. Chain necklaces are a great addition to a variety of outfits, but if you try too hard like Brandy at the BET studios in New York, you just might miss. 

To ensure you don't make the same mistakes as the singer and actress, try not to add too many daring pieces to one outfit. As your choice of necklace is already bold, the other style pieces should complement it, not fight for the attention. Brandy wore a leather jacket with embellished sleeves, a flouncy silver mini-skirt, a sheer black top and metallic heels - is your head spinning yet?

Other style mavens have proven that the chain necklace is a trend that's here to stay, as long as you know how to wear it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have sported the bold chain choker look with simpler ensembles in a solid color palette like pale pink or black, so the necklace draws the most attention to your outfit, and not your clashed taste in style.

Of course, the necklaces that these Hollywood starlets choose are often out of the average person's budget for jewelry. Fortunately, there are affordable options out there that emulate this edgy style. If you're looking to try one of these chunky chain necklaces, try the Figaro-Link Chain In 10k Gold 20" or the Unisex 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Herringbone Necklace Chain, and once you're comfortable with the gender-neutral look, you can consider trying an even bolder accessory to add to your outfit.

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