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December 08, 2011 in Bracelets

Winter fashion trends: What to expect in stores these upcoming months

Those who have been paying attention to what their favorite celebrity has been wearing to recent events may have realized how simple many of the fashion jewelry has been. Even though a statement necklace is still something that many are wearing, the studded earrings and single bracelets bring both elegance and sophistication.

Simple is not always the way to go. The "in" color is red, which is not one that many would call subtle. Also, matching everything isn't a necessity right now. Want to match a bright red with a bright blue? Go for it.

In addition, those who are trying to make a statement with one piece of jewelry will realize that necklaces seem to be left in jewelry boxes, as big and beautiful earrings light up the gowns and ensembles that many are wearing on the red carpet and even the city streets. So, grab a friend and get those show-stopping accessories that are sure to bring an outfit together. 

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