The Latest Jewelry & Fashion News - July 2013 Jewelry Fashion and Trends

Jewelry styles that shine long after summer

Summer is in full swing, and any good fashionista knows jewelry they purchase now should be able to seamlessly transition into fall to get each piece's money's worth.

Show your flower power this summer

Summer is a great season for trying a slew of fresh, bold and bright trends. Whether you're into color blocking, emerald green frocks or nautical pieces, one style that must be on your radar is flowers. That's right, these beautiful natural blooms are no longer reserved for vases and gardens, as more designers than ever have been creating fabulous necklaces, rings and pendants with bright floral accents.

Ring in summer with hand candy

Yes, earrings, bracelets and necklaces certainly add flair and personal style to any ensemble, but there is something sophisticatedly understated about rings that make them our top accessory for summer.

Rock bold bling without looking gaudy

If bold necklaces, earrings or rings make you think of your great aunt or another senior relative, you're not alone. While images like these might make some fashionistas stray from turning heads in funky and unique pieces, learning how to wear such items correctly could help a few ladies see the light.

Make lounging poolside chic with sassy jewels

Hitting the beach or a friend's pool is a must as the temperature rises in summer, and even though you might be tempted to simply throw on an old pair of shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, adding a few style points with fresh jewelry is an easy way to step up your overall look.

Major bling to help ring in summer

Warm weather typically helps ladies let loose a bit to show off their sassier, more fun and lighter sides. While donning mixed prints, sky-high wedges and bold beach waves are popular choices, the type of jewelry you add to your style is just as important.

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