The Latest Jewelry & Fashion News - July 2013 Jewelry Tips and Tricks

Get the look: Achieving a perfect day-to-night summer outfit

Summer days at the office typically turn into nights out with coworkers - let's face it, everyone can use a drink after a hectic day. While it's impossible to plan a perfect outfit for impromptu after-work drinks, selecting a few ensembles that can easily look just as chic in the office as they do in the evenings is a must.

Revamp your summer work wardrobe

It's certainly true that people tend to come alive in the warmer months thanks to getting plenty of time in the sun and the chance to wear bolder, brighter clothing and accessories. Even though you might reserve your most colorful ensembles for your time off the clock, there are ways to infuse the happier summer vibes into your work style.

Don't overdue it: Earrings to accentuate an updo

Audrey Hepburn certainly paved the way for pairing stylish updos with fun and chic earrings. While her signature high bun and black and white earring combo is still an acceptable choice in 2013, there are plenty of other ways to have fun with your hair pulled back.

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